Out of the Blue

Book Description

An AF-15E fighter ace. A seasoned combat veteran. A decorated war hero. And tried for being gay.

'Out Of The Blue' is the incredible true story of Lt Col Victor Fehrenbach’s fight to overturn “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”. Victor Fehrenbach won nine Air Medals. He flew 88 combat missions with 98.4% hit rate. Yet his greatest enemy was not in the sky. It was the US military establishment when they tried to kick him out for being gay.

He flew the US military’s most coveted warplane - the F-15 Strike Eagle. He became one of the most battle-hardened combat veterans in the USAF. He trained others to follow in his footsteps, defending America from all who might do her harm. But when Lt Col Fehrenbach was forcibly outed for being gay, so began a battle that eclipsed all others.

The military that he loved and served put him on a witch-hunt trial to end his career. But instead of accepting his fate, like the ace aviator and natural born warrior that he was, Fehrenbach decided to fight. This is his incredible true story, one that culminates in the ending of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. 'Out Of The Blue' is a moving and honest account of one man's battle for what he believes in.

Victor Fehrenbach was born at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, on August 20, 1969. His father was a navigator and his mother was a nurse in the USAF. After he graduated from University of Notre Dame, he entered active duty in the United States Air Force. He went on to fly the high-performance F-15E aircraft in numerous combat operations, becoming one of the most experienced, combat-proven and highly-decorated aviators in the American Air Force.

Victor Fehrenbach retired from duty in September 2011, following the repeal of the Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell legislation. He is one of the most outspoken and recognizable advocates for the repeal of DADT, becoming known as “the face of DADT.” He has been featured in hundreds of newspapers and magazine articles and international TV interviews. Publications include: Associated Press (covered in over 200 newspapers), New York Times, Washington Post, Dayton Daily News, and cover of Instinct magazine’s “Leading Men” issue (November 2009). He has appeared on MSNBC’s the Rachel Maddow Show fifteen times between May 2009 and September 2011, and he has also been interviewed repeatedly on CNN, MSNBC News, Fox News, the BBC, PBS, CBS news, NBC News, IPTV and others.